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Creating A PERFECT Video Is Both - An Art And Science

When it comes to creating a video, you almost never want to start from scratch. It takes too long, and the outcome is far away from what is sellable. So you need something that combines both art and science - to help you create videos on demand. Videos that are templatized, FAST to create, and BEAUTIFUL to convert. 


And so to create these videos, your templates need to cater for:


Your Unique Use Case

Not every template is perfect for every use case. Which is why we are providing you with 1,000+ templates that are perfect for multiple use-cases such as <coming up>


Industry Specific

Do you run an online business? Or perhaps help a local restaurant? Or do you have gyms as clients? GrabVid Templates Club provides templates for over 25 different industries.


Cater To Multiple Channels

Did you know - Facebook and Instagram require different video dimensions (or aspect ratio)? It’s the same with Youtube and TikTok. The templates we provide come in all different aspect ratios - making it easy for you to create the kinds of videos you would like to create.

So in short – to nail all of this you need to be a…


Expensive Designer


Niche Expert


Media Strategist

…all rolled into one.

Are you a 3-in-1 business owner with beautiful design chops, expertise in your niche AND keen eye for media strategy? Plus, you have a lot of time on your hands? 

I know I am not, so I've built a team around me to create these video templates for me, and if you want - for you as well!


And that's what I want to extend to you today...at a fraction of the price it would cost you to hire these three people in-house!

Let My Team Give You 1,000+ Ready-To-Go Video Templates That Work With Any Video You Create!

Based on latest market trends

For you to use and replicate

The videos you create MUST be ABSOLUTELY professional, high-converting and most importantly - in line with the latest market trends.


The ever-changing fonts, layouts, audio, voice-overs and more...are just some of the things that can have a HUGE impact on conversions and sales.


Our market research wing works hard to keep up with the current video trends, gather useful insights and pass these on to the designers and video editors…to help them create the perfect videos!

And now this team of professional designers, video editors and media strategists will create and deliver THOUSANDS of videos as templates to you, every single month!


All These Video Templates And More Will Be Instantly Added To Your GrabVid Account Today!

All you need to do, as before - is to pick a video to repurpose, translate (or not), add captions (or not) and pick a template that works for you.



Again, you are getting 3,000+ ready to go templates (150+ at the time of writing, more to be added in the coming months). There is noo need to “start from scratch” or rely on trying to figure it out yourself. Let us help you take the right step forward.


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With all these templates, you will have more than enough readymade templates in place to service the needs of ANY client that comes your way.


Even if you don't offer video creation services, or translation services - imagine a friend or an ex-colleague (from your old 9-5 job) telling you about his interest and what he wants to sell.


And BAM - there's a video to get traffic and sales.


Imagine picking up easy paychecks for just using one of these templates we provide to you.


How easy will that be? :)


Businesses – both online and offline – are desperate for such services and are willing to pay BIG bucks. Take a look…


Imagine the kind of profits you can make by simply using the video templates we create for you…adding your client’s content and BAM!! That’s it.

That’s the easiest money you are ever going to make.


And think about this - research, creating designs and putting together a video would easily cost you $500, even on a budget.


Doing THOUSANDS of these, would cost a lot of money for us (I cannot even begin to do the math!)


But we are happy to let these go at a fraction of the cost.


Because we know that our customers - YOU - could put these to good use, and make good money!


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